Lilly Nikolova Branding

We are all stories in the end, make it a good one

Doctor Who

The Problem

Lilly Nikolova is a freelance creative individual exploring many avenues, mainly focused on writing. She approached the 27th Cube with the task of finding a unified and clear brand identity. Her existing brand lacked focus and didn’t showcase her capabilities. The 27th Cube’s challenge was to create a full branding that captured the essence and diversity of her as an creative individual.

The Solution

The Brand Strategy in this particular case was: Simplicity, focusing on the client’s main abilities while at the same time providing room for growth. The concept carries well for Lilly’s main role as a storyteller. Using old newspapers for the foundation of the brand we were able to showcase Lilly’s world. The result was simple yet elegant and highly unique, providing the much needed versatility our client asked for. The new brand experience captured Lilly’s aptitude for connecting with people and telling their stories.